Software Architecture in the Real World

Sam Nabi

User environments

User impacts

Business models

Other software

Context 1

User environments

You have no control over the network

Anticipate connectvity issues

You have no control over the device

312 x 390 3840 x 2160 2160 x 1200

Internet of Things

In-app browsers

Progressive enhancement


Users may manipulate your software at the OS or browser level (zoom, colour, font)

Colour-blindness 8% Men
0.5% Women
* Of Northern European ancestry.
USA National Institutes of Health
Dyslexia 2-3%
StatCan Publication No. 89-628-X

Context 1: User environments


Context 2

User impacts

"People aren't edge cases"

— Carina C. Zona, Schemas for the real world

"Artificial intelligence expert Vivienne Ming said machine-learning systems often reflect biases in the real world. Some systems struggle to recognize non-white people because they were trained on Internet images which are overwhelmingly white, she explained."

Social tools, social responsibility

Inclusive spaces

Blocking, muting, reporting, content control, accessibility

"Blocking functionality must be part of any social network’s minimum viable product. Because without a block button, social networks are essentially unusable — not viable — for many marginalized people." — Eva Gantz

Real-life conequences

Even algorithms can harass people

Context 2: User impacts


Context 3

Business Models

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What's your business stack?

Cloud services


App store requirements

Context 3: Business Models


Context 4

Other software

EA removes two dozen apps just before iOS 9 launch

Windows Universal Apps /

Google Reader alternatives

Terrible cloud overkill

Maciej Ceglowski - The Website Obesity Crisis

Twitter Still supports SMS

Context 4: Other software



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