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Sam Nabi

"People aren't edge cases"

— Carina C. Zona, Schemas for the real world

Social tools, social responsibility

"Machine-learning systems often reflect biases in the real world."

Vivienne Ming, artificial intelligence expert

Inclusive spaces

"Blocking functionality must be part of any social network’s minimum viable product. Because without a block button, social networks are essentially unusable — not viable — for many marginalized people." — Eva Gantz

Venture Capital




via R A D I O on Dribbble

Startup = Total business domination?

David Heinemeier Hansson, Reconsider

MaRS: Where are the women VCs in Canada? (Nov 2015)

Babson College: The Diana Project (2014)

Executive teams with women are more likely to receive later-stage funding.

... but all-male teams are 3x more likely to receive funding in the first place.

Platform Cooperatives

What are the ratios?


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